Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long do court calendars remain on the website?
Civil and criminal court calendars remain on the website for five (5) working days after the court date shown in the calendar title.
I think I am scheduled for court, but I do not see my name/case on any of the court calendar lists. What should I do?
If you cannot find your name on a court calendar listing or in a name search, contact the Clerk of Superior Court in the County in which the case is to be tried. The Clerk or a member of their staff will assist you.

Calendar Subscriptions

I subscribed to a court calendar, but I did not receive a confirmation email.
You may have entered an invalid email address. Subscribe to the calendar again, and make sure the email address entered is valid. It is also possible your mail settings are blocking emails from or sending them to a spam folder. Make sure is an approved sender in your settings.
I was receiving the calendars. Why did they stop coming to my email?
Below are some common reasons for interruptions in calendar email delivery:
  1. Your mail settings could have changed, resulting in the calendars being placed into a spam folder.
  2. The network or email administrator at your business or agency started blocking emails with ZIP file attachments, or may now be treating email from as spam. Contact your network or email administrator to have them investigate the problem.
  3. Your internet provider or email provider (for example, Gmail®) is blocking email with ZIP file attachments, or may now be treating email from as spam.
  4. You may have updated your mail settings to block emails from unapproved senders. Make sure your settings allow email from
  5. Subscription confirmations are emailed every 6 months to your subscription email address. You must click the link in your confirmation email to continue receiving calendars without disruption. If your subscription has expired you will need to re-subscribe to your calendars.
I received an email asking me to reconfirm my North Carolina Calendar Subscription. Is this a valid email?
Yes, this a valid email. Every six months you must reconfirm your North Carolina Court Calendar Subscription. You have one calendar month to reconfirm your subscription. You only need to reconfirm once in a six month period, no matter how many calendars you are subscribed to.